Learn about us and what we do.

Who are WindowsLogic Productions?



WindowsLogic Productions is a small organisation who specialise in graphic design, music, art, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Visual Basic, C# and C++. We develop Amino For Desktop, Tweeter and Fighting is Magic: Aurora.

We run YouTube channels that focus on gaming, technology, art and more. We also create music on Bandcamp.

Our Security and Conduct

We at WindowsLogic Productions have a firm belief on the functionality, availability of our services, security of our applications and stored data.

Site Security

Our website uses SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encryption to ensure that your data does not get leaked by anyone when connecting to our site.

Application Security

Our applications which run locally on your computer, will only ever connect to the WindowsLogic Productions servers to check for/download available updates. We in no way shape or form collect data from our applications period. All data you insert into applications is kept completely local to your own machine.

Application Updates

Application update downloads are handled through Keybase, a secure encryption platform. Your connection to Keybase is secured with SSL (Secure Socket Layer) and all data present on Keybase is signed with a public encryption key.

Security Promises

We promise wholeheartedly, never to upload or make available software which could put your data, personal information or life at risk. All items put in our downloadable sections are put there knowing they are safe and secure for everyone to download and use.