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Active Software

Software that still receives updates or support.

Cutie Clicker

Plunged into a land of cuteness, you must click on cute animals to become a cutie millionaire! Upgrade your coin production, produce thousands, millions, trillions of coins and use them to get more coins and upgrades.

Ponykind Grind

You recently purchased a laptop off the ponyville market from an anonymous seller, they seemed quite shady at their stall. Their details didn't quite match up, but you feel assured that you made the right choice, and besides, the laptop was just the one you were looking for.

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Town Girls

You arrive at a small town and want to get busy with the local girls...

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WindowsLogic Productions Hub

The easy to use front-end for Windows.

CD Player

A small, lightweight application for playing back Compact Disc Digital Audio.

Fighting is Magic

Fighting is Magic: Aurora

A glimmer of hope for Fighting is Magic.

Discontinued Software

Software that no longer receives updates or support.

Amino For Desktop

Use Amino on your Windows PC with extra features.


A light Twitter and TweetDeck client.


A light, fast and simple Internet browser.